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Volcom Pipe Pro 2013 - Sustainable By Design

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Deep Blue Surfing Event

In 2013, we made a commitment to run all our major surfing events according to the Deep Blue Surf Event guidelines that were crafted by Sustainable Surf and ASP North America.

A Deep Blue Surfing Event™ is a more “Ocean Friendly” event that has been endorsed by the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) as a clear path for reducing environmental impacts of a professional surfing contest, while also providing social benefits for the local community.

We’ll be addressing and measuring:

  • Waste
  • Energy
  • Community Support
  • Climate Change
  • Transportation

To get a look at what we did for last year’s event, check out:

Sustainable Surf’s mission: Be the catalyst that transforms surf culture and industry into a powerful community that protects the ocean playground. We believe that surfing can become the premier showcase of people and businesses working together to solve environmental problems while having fun.

Sustainable Coastlines, Hawaii Partnership

This year marks the start of a new era as our sustainability field management transfers from TR3EES to our new friends at Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. While Jen Homcy and her TR3EES business has been sooo good to us, we’re very excited to forge a new partnership with this “group of surfers, divers, sunbathers, and general ocean lovers that were inspired to give back to the coastlines that had given them so much!”

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii (SCH) is a registered 501(c)(3) powering forward with the mission of “inspiring local communities to care for their coastlines through hands-on beach cleanups.” They’ll be helping us this year, manage our event site’s waste and consumption, as well as ensuring that we leave the beach in as good, if not better, of a state as we found it!

Come visit them on site, at Ehukai Beach Park to learn more about the great community work they’re doing in Hawaii. Get inspired, get involved.


The Volcom Pipe Pro is being powered by locally produced, and renewable biofuel thanks to Pacific Biodiesel, the first commercially viable biodiesel plant in the US.

Did you know the Volcom Pipe Pro last year was the first surf event on the North Shore to run on biofuel?

What the heck is it? What are the benefits? Learn all about it at the What is Biodiesel page at Pacific Biodiesel’s website.

Giving Back x Community

For years, we’ve been happy to be able support multiple non-profit organizations in Hawaii. As the event runs, we’ll continue to highlight our partners with the hope that we bring additional awareness to the great work each of them are doing in their separate fields.

Surf Credits & Turtle Bay Foundation Giveaway!

If you’ve seen a Volcom surf event before, you’ve heard us promote Surf Credits. This year, we’re again happy to showcase the work they’re doing to promote sustainable surf tourism. Whether you’re tuning in to the ASP webcast, or taking an epic surf trip, you can support nonprofit organizations in surf communities around the globe through your donation to SurfCredits!

At each of our major surf events, we purchase Surf Credits on behalf of all our traveling staff and athletes. SurfCredits, the travel credits program, benefitting local communities, is giving you the chance to win six nights for two at the famous Turtle Bay Resort when you donate to support the Boys & Girls Club at today. Visit Surf to learn more.

Volcom Pipe Pro 2013 – Sustainable By Design

If you missed it last year, we’re proud to be able to bring attention to this great piece done by Nathan Peracciny on our sustainability efforts at last year’s Volcom Pipe Pro. Nathan’s 24 minute look at sustainability on the North Shore, our event and the partners it takes to run it and make it a Deep Blue Surfing event is inspiring and moving (if we do say so ourselves!). Check it out, and look for more work from Nathan in the event’s wrap up.

Give Clean Water

As a follow up to the great partnership we have with them at our Volcom Fiji Pro, Give Clean Water founder, Darrel Larson will be on site as well this year, sharing stories about the clean water initiatives that are in place on Fiji thanks to a multi-year partnership with Tavarua Island Resort and now Islands Restaurant to bring a sustainable, clean water program to multiple villages in Fiji. We’re happy to have Give Clean Water with us sharing stories with beach goers and the kids at Sunset Elementary. For updates  on the projects on Momi, Nabila, Yako, and Cuvu, visit the Give Clean Water report here.

Special Thanks to: 

World Centric - Thanks for the donation from World Centric and for the opportunity to use their compostable wares in place of Styrofoam and conventional plastic while keeping the staff nourished!

Any waste generated during the event that can be composted and/or recycled will be – keeping as much out of the landfill as possible.  Use their goods at your next event!

Pacific Biofuel – Thanks to Pacific Biofuel for continuing to handle our renewable fuel requests and expectations.  Pacific Biofuel on Oahu.

Menehune Water Company – For years now, Menehune Water Company has kept our team hydrated with bulk water stations. MANY thanks Menehune for all the support! With a history of over 20 years of customer satisfaction, Menehune Water has evolved from being simply a local supplier in Honolulu to now serving Hawaii statewide, the U.S. Mainland and International markets. Menehune Water Co. is proud to be Hawaii’s largest bottled water company.

Nathan Peracciny – Have you seen the 24 minute film Volcom Pipe Pro 2013 – Sustainable by Design? It’s a great look at the sustainability efforts being put forth here at the Volcom Pipe Pro. Thanks to Nate and his media company Peracciny Media for the great work on Volcom’s New Future storytelling here at the VPP!

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Some Pics from the field:

Sorting Waste All Day