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Volcom Pipe Pro - Sustainable By Design

Deep Blue Surfing Event

A Deep Blue Surfing Event™ is a more “Ocean Friendly” event that sets a clear path for reducing environmental impacts of a professional surfing contest, while also providing social benefits for the local community. The program was developed through a partnership with the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) – North America that produced the first ever set of “Green Guidelines” for surfing contests in 2012.

Deep Blue Surfing Events address issues directly related to the local contest area including waste reduction, protection of natural resources, and the building of stronger communities.

Events with this designation also reduce direct threats to the global sport of surfing itself, such as: sea level rise, ocean acidification, and the loss of the world’s living coral reefs, which leading scientific institutions warn are already harming our oceans, waves and beaches.

To get a look at what we did for last year’s event, check out:

Sustainable Coastlines, Hawaii Partnership

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii (SCH) is a registered 501(c)(3) powering forward with the mission of “inspiring local communities to care for their coastlines through hands-on beach cleanups.” They are our partners there on the beach, helping to manage our event site’s waste and consumption, as well as ensuring that we leave the beach in as good (if not better) of a state as we found it.

Additionally, Sustainable Coastlines will be helping us with on site education, engaging contest goers and local community with their Education Station: a 20ft. converted shipping container that is now an educational hub for educating the public about plastic pollution.

Renewable Energy

The Volcom Pipe Pro is being powered by locally produced, and renewable biofuel thanks to Pacific Biodiesel, the first commercially viable biodiesel plant in the US.

In addition, the Volcom Pipe houses are now powered by the sun! That’s right, the original house is switched on running on solar, thanks to the great work of Rising Sun Solar and the world famous Gerry house, just next door is a work in progress, but will also be switched on shortly. We’re proud to be ratcheting up the sustainability story with the addition of this investment.

Bokashi (Rapid Anaerobic Composting)

Thanks to our friends at Each One Teach One Farms, and at Waihuena Farms, we’re able to take food scraps and compostable materials from the event site, and layer them into the compost at a local farm.

Jim DiCarlo at E1T1 has been helping us for years and has introduced us to the Bokashi rapid composting method. You can replicate the method yourself at home with one of his Bokashi Buckets.

If you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to stop the Waihuena Farms CSA store, or schedule a Farm Tour to learn more.

Carbon Neutral With Wildlife Works

As you can imagine, the emissions generated from this event stack up quickly. We account for the Volcom staff and athletes we fly over and house for the event. Additionally, we account for the Warriors and their accommodations, and more. Our friends, at Sustainable Surf then crunch the numbers for our end-of-event report and let us know what our CO2 footprint is. For the last 4 years, we’ve offset that entire amount through the purchase of carbon credits – investments in projects around the world that will counter those emissions created. Same as last year, we’ll offset the emissions from the Volcom Pipe Pro this year, with REDD+ credits purchased through Wildlife Works.

Take a Ride

Want to reduce your emissions? – Carpool with friends to and from Turtle Bay Resort. The Guidepost Shuttle is exclusively available at the Turtle Bay Experience Center. $20 Round Trip. Get shuttle schedules and updates here.

Giving Back x Community

For years, we’ve been happy to be able support multiple non-profit organizations in Hawaii. As the event runs, we’ll continue to highlight our partners with the hope that we bring additional awareness to the great work each of them are doing in their separate fields.

Learn about our community partners here:


Volcom Pipe Pro  – Sustainable By Design

The last 4 years have contained great sustainability stories here at the Volcom Pipe Pro, and thanks to Nathan Peracciny, our Sustainability Media partner, we’ve captured them all in our Sustainable By Design Film Series.

Nathan’s short films are a look at sustainability on the North Shore, our event and the partners it takes to run it and make it a Deep Blue Surfing event.

Watch them all here:

Chapter 1, The Players, 2013:

Sustainable by Design: Volcom Pipe Pro 2013

Chapter 2, Featuring Munatoyo Tanaka

Sustainable by Design: Volcom Pipe Pro 2014

Chapter 3, 2015 Partner Profile Series:

Sustainable Surf:

Sustainable Coastlines:

Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii:

Waihuena Farm: